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3 Benefits of Mobile Home Investing

Guest Article Written by Jerry Armen

Several experts believe that mobile home investing is a lucrative business and while that’s true, there is a certain amount of groundwork that needs to be put in so as to enjoy the benefits.

As ridiculous as this might sound, there are actually several benefits attached to mobile home investing compared to buying conventional forms of property, and here are 3 of them:

#1: No Repairs Required

Since an option of owner financing is often provided to the person who chooses to live in one, the situations of running around to fix repairs does not arise. Compared to conventional forms of property, the “owners” of the mobile home will be responsible for the repairs themselves – it’s their home, right?

For the investor, this means less time spent on repairs and more important, less money as well.

#2:No Middlemen in the Buying Process

When in process of purchasing mobile homes, there are a lesser number of people to deal with. In fact, you will be dealing with the owner of the mobile home directly who is interested in making a sale.

All you will have to do is use a title company to carry out the purchase, and sell it to a buyer from there on. The only time where you will have to worry about maintenance, however, is in mobile home parks.

#3:Lower Investment Amounts

Let’s face it: buying a mobile home doesn’t cost as much as a property made of brick and mortar. What this means is you can invest the same amount of money that you would use to buy conventional property into a larger number of mobile homes. In fact, you will also save money in the area of taxes, closing costs and insurance too.