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3 Ways by Which You Can Make a 10 Percent of Return

Despite the lowest rates as reflected in the market today, there are still a number of ways by which you can still make 10 percent of return.

However, it must be pointed out that it isn’t necessary in any particular order but merely a list of things that can help you get there.

Here are 3 ways by which you can make a 10 percent of return:

#1: Invest in yourself

No matter how cynical you are of education, it’s way better than ignorance. The dividend that you will receive for getting an education is probably much more than you can imagine. Of course, it has to be the right education. In other words, one that shows you how to excel, take calculated risks and strive in order to get ahead is one that counts – one that has been tried and tested in the real world.

#2: Invest in a note

Investing in discounted mortgages are a sureshot when it comes to offering you safe rates above 10%. It won’t be a complicated process especially if you can complete the paperwork yourself or even have a team of pros handling it. Look for a National Note Franchise in your area to help you with it.

#3: Purchase from a broker

Most note buyers in the market tend to be people who buy notes at a particular price and sell them for another. An attractive yield is possible if you deal with the selling and buying of these notes. Make sure you invest with a discounted mortgage broker instead of a loan broker who deals with new mortgages – the margin of profit is greater.