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3 -Hidden-Costs-that-a-Homeowner-Should-Be-Aware-Of

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to switching over from a renter to being a homeowner. Owning your home means much more than being approved for a home loan and paying off the monthly payments as the years go by. Simply put, there are other costs that…

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A meeting with a seller means taking time out of your busy schedule, from your real estate business, to discussing the possibilities of being able to make a sale for a client. Of course, this doesn’t happen all the time, since there are times when the property that is being…

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Landscaping Increases Your Home Value

Landscaping is great for increasing the resale value of your home. With proper landscaping, you can add up to 20% in your value. Here are some tips to get you started. Investing around 10 percent of your home’s value into landscaping is recommended. It’s also important to consult with a…

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Summary: Closet organizers are great to own and highly efficient, but at what cost? Closet space can easily be doubled. All you need to do is buy some closet storage systems and you have just created more space. The only problem is that their prices are not the friendliest. Thousands…

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One of the most lucrative ways by which one can make money in real estate is by buying properties in probate. It’s here that you have a clear opportunity to invest and make a considerable profit for a number of reasons.  By definition, the term ‘probate’ is actually the court-supervised…

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There are two ways by which one obtains funding when wanting to buy notes. The first are institutional sources while the second are private ones. The latter involves funding from individuals, small companies and even pension funds. That said, here are 4 benefits of private funding: 1: Quick Funding If…

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By Wicker Paradise Are you the type of homeowner who constantly fantasizes about redoing their house’s look? If so, you’re far from alone. There are people all over the country who think the exact same way you do and on a regular basis. It’s not because they have ugly homes,…

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Written by Wicker Paradise Sometimes small changes are effective in bringing significant changes to the overall look of a property. If you intend to place your home in the housing market and are looking to attract potential buyers, you might begin by providing a good first impression. If your lawn…

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By definition, a technical investor is an investor who has the ability to understand and carry out instructions when it comes to the legal side of real estate documentation and conveyancing. Simply put, they have the knowledge and skills to not only draft their own contracts but also carry out…

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