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4 Tips To Consider When Taking Professional Property Listing Photos

The saying “A picture is worth more than a thousand words” applies not just to publishing. Take for example, the sale of real estate properties too.

Taking photos that will attract buyers to one’s home is a real art and requires more thought that you can imagine.

Here are 4 tips to taking professional property listing photographs:

1: Use natural light

Using more light suggests airiness, warmth and brightness. For this, open all the windows to let more light in the room. If you cannot use natural light, then opt for artificial light instead. Of course, avoid shooting towards the sun or even glaring light.

 southrnrealtyinc12: Create a focal point

There’s no need to show an entire room in one photo. Instead, pick a highlight such as a blazing fireplace, bathroom mosaic, barbecue area or stonework feature. Continue to experiment for balance and symmetry. Also, remove items that makes the view crowded or too busy.

3: Use wide angle lens

Fitting an entire room in a shot will require wide angle lens. One tip is to add an area of carpet closest to the camera. This will make the room look large. This is because the lens distorts images and makes things that are closest to the camera look larger than they will appear in real life.

4: Ensure that your property is clean and presentable

The first thing that you should do is remove clutter, clean up surfaces as well as add furniture that is stylish. Also, ensure that the yard looks trimmed too. This is the preparation that is vital so that your shots look professional. If you aren’t sure how to stage your property, then you can consult a home stager or an interior decorater.