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A Guide to Cohousing

Brianna Z. Kauer and her family decided on experiencing living in a cohousing community. In November of 2012, Kauer officially checked in and was immediately sucked into a society focused on organization and community-based activities. Monthly community meetings are held to discuss maintenance, finances, etc. with a designated committee. Her role as a parent made her realize that other people can have an impactful role in her children’s’ lives. Feeling a sense of pride and gratefulness, her decision to become a resident of a cohousing committee was an opportunistic one. Here are some thing to remember if you are considering cohousing.

Are you a people person? Because cohousing emphasizes community, you need to ask yourself if you are the type of person that is willing to be open-minded to others’ opinions. Group decision-making is based on a consensus, there may be different types, and can be overwhelming for you if you are not ready. While you still receive all the amenities of a private space, you are essentially a piece of the puzzle.

Shared energy costs could potentially mean more savings for you. Many cohousing structures are environmentally-friendly and could be a better option if you live a green living style.

Can you coexist with a community? Regardless of how friendly you are, there are bound to be disagreements along the way. Problems may arise and you need to be sure that you have a proactive approach to resolve issues quickly and painlessly.

While cohousing may not be for everybody, it is a great way to live if you are content with the notion of a tight-knit community. It also helps to know that you are less environmentally-impacting and that costs may be potentially reduced. The only question is where or not you can call this a permanent home. It’s all about your lifestyle and personality. Coexisting and assimilating in this type of culture can be easy or can be one of the biggest mistakes you’ll make.

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