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Big Names in the Safe Industry

safe-TRTL60x6There are some big names in the safe storage industry. While the quality of a fire or burglary safe is not dependent on the reputation of the manufacturer, the reputation of a safe company depends on the quality of the safes they produce. Customer service is also a consideration. Two manufacturers stand out with their great customer service and solid safes.

ISM is an Israeli company that can now boast the only safe to receive a TRTL 60×6 rating from Underwriters Laboratories. This rating designates that the safe can withstand one hour of attack by torch and tool on all six sides. ISM safes are known for durability and the company carries its reputation with pride.

AMSEC is an American company that began with rudimentary equipment in a small room in the 1940’s. The company is now the most well known in the industry, and AMSEC safes are available in over 400 models for almost every application from hotel safes to floor models.

In March of 2014, a house exploded and burned to the ground in Lancaster, SC. The only thing that survived was an AMSEC safe. The contents were protected through the explosion, fire and the deluge of water from the fire hoses.

It takes commitment to quality to become and remain a big name in the safe industry. AMSEC and ISM lead the way.