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Five tips to help you conduct a tenant background check with confidence

instantbackgroundchecks2Finding the right tenant can take some time, but ensuring that you ask the right questions is essential to pre-qualifying quality tenants. Tenant Screening Services, LLC suggests asking the following questions to ensure that you receive the best tenant screening possible.

Ask the right questions – Start your tenant background screening process by asking some of the following questions; when do you plan to move in, have you given notice to your existing landlord, where do you work, do you have pets, who else will be living on the premises, Remember to be friendly and open to get your tenants talking. Ask more open-ended questions like “landlords can be difficult to deal with, how was yours?”

Look for troubling signs – Tenants who are immediately excited about the property and look desperate, without even hearing details about the price can be dangerous. Although people may want to move in fast, responsible tenants will look for a property at least six weeks in advance.

Confirm their identity online – Conduct an internet search on your tenant online to confirm the information provided is accurate and to get an idea of their lifestyle.

Never use the employer contact number provided – Tenants may provide a number that may not phone a company. Therefore, conduct an internet search on the name of the company provided by your tenant and ask to be connected to the reference provided.

Verify the landlord’s name using proper channels – An online tenant background screening is the only way to verify a tenant’s name listed on the application.