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Good Vs Bad Lenders

Bad lenders are as easy to come by as any lender. Some will try to use a very small interest rate to trick you in to getting a policy that will have a higher insurance policy premium. Most of these less scrupulous lenders will also tie you in to a long term deal, imposing large penalties if you want to switch policies. These bad lenders will sometimes increase your interest rate to unreasonable amounts and since you cannot leave the policy for a new one because of the penalties, you will be stuck paying way more than you bargained for.

A good mortgage lender will always charge a reasonable interest rate; it may not be the lowest in the market, but reasonable and they will not try to tie you in with penalties or a minimum number of contract years. They will also provide insurance policies at reasonable rates because they know that most customers like to have everything under one roof. It may also be a good idea to investigate building societies for loans or mortgages since they do not have the same kind of pressures that private or public companies have in appeasing their shareholders. You may also want to go with a reputed mortgage lender in order to ensure security, reliability and long term benefits. Therefore shop around and weigh the pros and cons and read the small print before you enter in to a mortgage contract. Chances are that the ones that seem too good to be true actually are too good to be true.