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Home Staging For Beginners: A Guide to Higher Property Values

Summary: Staging your home can increase the chances of selling your home quickly and for a solid value.

If you’re selling your home, you’ll want the most that you can get on the market. With many sellers focusing on expensive remodeling projects, things like staging are put on the backburner.

Staging your home isn’t just an aesthetic project, but it can actually make your home worth more than it is. After all, who wants to walk into a cluttered home and envision what life would be like when they can’t even see the surrounding area. Keeping your home clean and ready for buyers should always be a priority.

Hiring a Stager

A professional stager exists if you weren’t already aware. They specialize in handling houses that are on the market and rearrange your furniture to what they see fit. Opting to go with a stager may be the right decision if you want the selling process to be less DIY and more on auto-pilot.

They’ll rearrange everything from your couch cushions to the paintings on the wall to ensure that it appeals to the buyer and the current market. Remember, these stagers have experience with interior design so you’re in good hands.

The DIY Way

If you want to stage your home yourself, you can start by looking online at some images of homes that are ready for sale. Notice what they all have in common and try and find samples that you can model yours after. Remember, the goal isn’t to make it look appealing to you but to the buyer. The prospect needs to be able to come in and envision what life would be like in the house. If you have to purchase new items, go with a trusted manufacturer like The Foam Factory for example, as opposed to your retail store.

Take Down All Personal Items

Nothing’s more distracting than seeing personal photos and belongings all over the room. Sure, it holds sentimental value to you, but it doesn’t do anything for the buyers. After all, what’s your goal? Are you looking to sell the home or keep it? If it’s the former, then you need to appeal to the buyer. It’s likely your agent will tell you the same thing as well. Keep the clutter to a minimum and don’t go overboard with the design. More or less, the buyer will likely do some renovations once he or she purchases the house so you don’t have to spend thousands to try and impress them.