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How to make your home sell faster?

southernrealtyincPreparing your home for sale is essential as it means that you can sell your home for more, in a much shorter time. When staging your home for resale, here are some simple tips that will help get started.

Declutter – Decluttering your home is critical as it will make your house seem larger and help the buyer envision the property with more clarity. Start off by placing unwanted furniture in storage and look at placing unnecessary items in drawers or shelves away from the main areas.

Freshen up with paint – Painting your home in a neutral, lighter shade will immediately make your home look larger. Avoid using different shades of color in different spaces, as this can confuse and alter the image for buyers. Painting your front door in a bright hue, however, can be a welcome change and a great first impression.

Fix and clean – Look at fixing minor repairs like holes in walls, broken door knobs, cracked tiles, and torn carpets.

Clean everything – You want your home to sparkle, and that involves cleaning tile grout, waxing the floors, and getting rid of odors.

Tidy up the garden – Your garden is one of the first things home buyers will notice when they visit your home. Look at trimming overgrown bushes and trees and cutting your lawn. Clean and tidy your garden furniture and look at freshening up your patio cushions.

The kitchen – A clean, tidy kitchen is critical as in most home a well-equipped kitchen is essential. Look at keeping the counters bare with only a few potted plants or fresh flowers on your kitchen top.