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How to Protect Your Home from the Winter Snows

Written by: Superior Garage Doors

With temperatures dropping to the point of freezing (and sometimes below) in the state of Georgia, this isn’t the ideal time for garage door repair in Canton, Ga. Snows can routinely reach blizzard levels, with high wind speeds adding to the chilling temperatures. All of this takes a serious toll on the outdoor portions of your house: windows, doors and garage doors especially. Here are some tips designed to minimize the damage you’ll take this winter.

 Replace Weatherstripping

One of the simplest tests you can perform yourself is to shut the garage door fully when the winds are high. Even when the winds are not that fast, you can feel drafts throughout the room. This tells you where the weather stripping has worn. That weather stripping insulates your home and prevents air seepage, which keeps warm air in and cold air out.

Garage door services in Atlanta will cover this repair, but you can do it yourself too. You need little more than a flat scraper, pry bar and some putty to remove the adhesive on the old stripping. Align the new stripping so the door flattens the rubber strip slightly. Once the gap is shut, you have your stripping secure.

Perform Repairs and Inspections

One of the more affordable services you’ll find with most garage door services in Atlanta is an inspection. Inspecting the springs, tracks and motor of the garage opener will help determine how much life is left in them. Most people haven’t serviced their door in years, so it’s likely you’ll uncover springs that need lubrication. Even garage door openers can cause problems if they are past their useful life spans.

Some of these inspections consist of items you can check for yourself, but you have to remember the garage door is the largest moving part in your home. It’s dangerous to perform maintenance by just “winging it”. Once you’ve take all necessary safety precautions, work can begin. Otherwise, hire a professional and pay the modest cost for an inspection. It’s better to learn once and for all that your door is fine, than to worry about that one day it won’t work and you’ll be late for that important meeting.

Final Thoughts

Aside from routine maintenance, your next best option is to keep the garage as warm as you can. Especially if your garage doubles as a game room. Invest in a space heater, insulate your walls and upgrade to a better door. Metal or aluminum might withstand the weather, but it doesn’t leave you feeling great about getting to your car in the morning.