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Identifying Value in the Cayman Islands

Identifying-Value-in-the-Cayman-IslandsGrand Cayman homes offer a spectacular deal for the cost. While you’ll find no shortage of million dollar homes (and greater) there are plenty of opportunities that exist at the one million dollar range or below. The key is to learn what makes a good value when you’re hunting for property. It may be tempting to pay a high cost when you want a particular property, especially one with a view, but these tips will help you reign in that emotional side and make sound decisions.

Listings and Vacancies

This can be a difficult stat to determine, but it’s an important one to keep an eye out for. If the neighborhood has had many vacancies, or has trouble renting, it may not be the best value. Neighborhoods tend to attract a particular kind of tenant, and there can bea myriad of reasons why one neighborhood might flounder while another grows. The important concept is to identify where renters are already going and look to buy in these areas.


What is the median rent for properties in your area? What comparable properties can you find that will give an accurate assessment? You are most likely already searching for comparable properties to establish home price, so take this search one step further.


The best homes for sale in Cayman Islands are either single-family residences or condos. They make for excellent homes that a first-time investor can own, but you have to be mindful of the date these structures were built. Old fixtures, worn pipes or a shoddy roof, can cost you money bringing a building up to code or making it safe for renters. Buying new properties can help reduce the risk you face for faulty fixtures.

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