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Living in the Cayman Islands

Summary: The Grand Cayman Islands carry some hidden troubles you might not be prepared for. Here is what you need to think about before you move to Grand Cayman.

The Grand Cayman islands can be an exotic experience, if you are prepared for it. Moving there requires a lot of planning to determine where you intend on living and how much it will cost you. There are also a lot of hidden troubles that the uninitiated aren’t familiar with. Read on for tips to prepare for your move to Cayman Islands condos.


Food is not what you might call “abundant” on the island. Most food is shipped into the territory, so it’s likely that you’ll be paying a markup on most fruits and vegetables, and some meats too. Expect most items to be at least one or two more dollars than their US mainland counterparts. If you budget properly and cook out of the home, you should still have enough money to enjoy island attractions though.


Telephones are an often unanticipated cost. It’s nice to move to the islands, but you probably can’t take your family with you. Therefore, a low cost or free solution like Skype is beneficial for staying in touch. You can make international calls to another Skype user without paying a dime for the privilege.

Real Estate

Caymen real estate can be pricey, but not exorbitant. There are plenty of condos for purchase if you can’t afford a home. Land and space are a commodity on the Cayman Islands, so shop around online before you consider the move. Ask an agent to show you real listings, and make sure you calculate the cost of your mortgage and property taxes before you depart.

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