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Open House Safety Tips

Many homeowners use an open house to market their property to prospective buyers. When the seller lists property with an agent, he or she can ask for an open house. According to “The Real Estate Process: Pros Discuss Buying & Selling Your Home,” the independent seller can use an open house to market the property and save money in the process.

Best Days

Before arranging an open house, do a little research to determine the best date to host the event in your community. For many, the best day is Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. The community newspaper or property agent are likely to have valuable opinions. After fixing a date for the open house, it’s time to promote the event. Most sellers want to send personal invites to their network because, even if these individuals aren’t looking for a home, they’re likely to have friends and acquaintances who are.


When a single buyer hosts an open house, it’s always best practice to ask one or more friends to stay for the event duration. An open house usually means that strangers are invited to view the property. With safety and security in mind, remove as many valuables as possible from the home, e.g. in a bank safety deposit box. Take all prescription medicines and drugs from bathroom cabinets for the event. If guns are kept in the home, make sure these are also removed.


Since more people market their properties to the public these days, it’s important to do some advance planning to ensure homeowner or family safety.


Kuba Jewgieniew is the CEO of Realty ONE Group, named one of the fastest growing companies by INC. magazine from 2009-2013.