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Seven tips to tackle a low budget apartment renovation

Buying or renting an apartment can be expensive. But what happens when your apartment needs renovation, and you are on a tight budget. Here are some simple tips to get your apartment looking good as new.

Befriend honest and reliable tradespeople – It is best to look for good trades people that come recommended. Create a detailed plan that you can offer a tradesperson for a quote. It is best to get at least three quotes before you confirm.

Organize your tradespeople correctly – Each tradesperson will have to come in and finish their job and leave. Therefore, organizing their work in the correct order will save you money on breaking and redoing sections.

DIY – There are many books and videos that will help you complete tasks on your own.

Shop smarter for fittings and fixtures – Look at warehouse homeware stores that will offer you fittings of good quality for at least 30% less.

Go white, bright and light – Most apartments are small and therefore to give the illusion of space, choose white finishes for most of your spaces. Give your space enough light by adding light fixtures and keeping the windows open.

Ikea is a good choice – Ikea designed spaces are suitable for apartments as they are built for small spaces. Choose designs that have extra shelving to make sure your space is neat and tidy.

Repair and restore whenever you can- Repairing and restoring what you have is a good way to save money for other areas.