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Should You Use an Agent’s Recommended Home Inspector?

Most real estate agents tend to recommend only certain home inspectors to prospective home buyers. The truth is that sellers of the property pay most real estate agencies’ work on an average commission of 6%. This means that a house selling for $400,000 has a potential commission of $24,000. Selling agents recommend around three home inspectors to prospective buyers. The question lies in who really are these recommended home inspectors? Are they qualified to be on the agent’s list of approved agents? Are these recommended inspectors unbiased or are they selected by the agent to ensure the commission is secured?

Most real estate agents unfortunately see unbiased and thorough home inspections as a threat to their sales commission. Homebuyers have the right to choose their own inspector. If your real estate agent insists on you using only their ‘recommended’ or ‘approved’ inspectors, then, it is time to contact your attorney, and think twice about the house you are about to buy. Keep in mind that the home inspector should have your best interests at heart, and not your real estate agent’s.

Real estate agents often used the phrase ‘deal killer’ for independent home inspectors. Their unbiased inspection report might lead prospective buyers to renegotiate or even look for other options. Independent inspectors are viewed as a threat to generating real estate agents’ income. Considered foes in the real estate business, real estate agents employ a number of tactics to control the home inspector selection process to ensure that prospective home buyers do not rely on independent inspectors to make their final decision.