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Ten Real Estate Investment Myths

These are the top ten real estate investment myths.

  1. People believe they need to be rich. A person will automatically make money if he finds a good real estate deal.
  2. People complain they do not have the time. Without spending hours on the computer, people will be surprised by how much extra time they have.
  3. People believe shows on television are staged and investing is never going to make money. However, if you think it will never work, then it probably never will.
  4. People believe there is too much competition. If there is competition, then that means there are many houses that need investing.
  5. Many think flipping will not work in their own market, but real estate investing works in everywhere. Wherever there are rundown houses, there is a need for investing.
  6. People think that the current economic conditions are not favorable for real estate investing, but below-market prices have made each potential real estate investment much more valuable.
  7. Some think realtors will not be cooperative with investors; however, realtors are eager to help out. They make friends to bring in business.
  8. Many believe good credit is mandatory. One can find a partner with good credit or borrow “hard money” to avoid this.
  9. People are afraid because the real estate market is not stable. In fact, the real estate market is safer than the stock market.
  10. People think they do not have the adequate skills; however, amateurs have to start somewhere. The only way to learn is to start investing.