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The basics of cushion filling

foamfactory9Written by The Foam Factory

Tastes differ when it comes to describing what makes a cushion comfortable. Some prefer a cushion filling that is soft and engulfing cushions, while others prefer something supportive and firm. Below is a list of what to expect from different types of fillings. Find what works for you by testing out each one before putting them in your new cushions:

Duck feather

Have you ever gotten that sinking feeling when sitting on really comfortable cushions? It is more than likely that the cushion has duck feathers in the filling. Duck feather gives you good back support, durability, and warmth along with the comfort. The good news is that duck feather is naturally fire retardant.

Duck feather with fiber

For something with lower maintenance than pure duck feather, look for a mix of polyester fiber. You will get the resilience you need for a family home. The additional fibers provide a more firm seat that bounces back quickly.

Pure fibre

For those who suffer from allergies, a non-allergenic 100% polyester fiber is the way to go. The occasional plumping helps keep its shape. However, it is nowhere near as comfortable as the above two options.

Foam core

Foam core is the best of both worlds. You get the resilience and stability of foam, but with duck feather in a duvet wrap. A less comfortable and more durable option is to go with a pure foam product.


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