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Three Crucial Construction Consulting Services

In construction, it’s common to rely on a number of consultants who can help you navigate the complicated landscape of laws and regulations. Even managing paperwork, such as work orders and contracts, is an important job. Construction consulting takes many forms, and all of them can be useful on projects of every size.


Construction consulting services can be used to help sort out materials disputes before, during and after they occur. Materials that were improperly shipped can cause time delays, and often financial problems for whoever was responsible for the incorrect order. Failure to properly document your actions can present significant risk, so many companies secure an outside consultant to do the complicated work of organizing the claim.


A construction claims expert can help navigate all the legal pitfalls of construction, and are effective at helping you document your side of a dispute. They don’t argue a case on your behalf, but they do help you prep for a dispute. That preparation can save hassle, money and time. These experts are knowledgeable in the most common claims, and know how to navigate the system. They’ll be able to prepare the claim and submit it on your behalf.


Witnesses can be used to help explain complicated procedures, which is less useful to a mediator but indispensible with judges and juries. Expert witness testimony can help influence a jury or judge, and affect the outcome of a case.

Lyle Charles Consulting offers construction turnaround, project management and claims resolution services. The experienced staff has worked on arena construction, as well as residential builds and office retrofits.