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What Tourism Development Says About Real Estate in Grand Cayman

One of the surest signs that growth is headed to the Cayman Islands is the expansion of the airport. New baggage claim areas, coupled with new parking lots and infrastructure ensure the airport can comfortably process greater numbers of passengers as it becomes a popular tourist destination. Cayman Islands commercial property has also seen resurgence as the world markets begin to recover.

Tourism is a key economic indicator that can help any potential investor look for, and find opportunity in Grand Cayman.

Why Owning a Home is Still in Fashion

There has been quite a bit of buzz in recent months and years over the various condominium developments that are built all over the island. Especially concentrated in the Seven Mile Beach area, these dwellings are sold as affordable ways to get into a home on Grand Cayman. The reality is that a home is not all that much farther out of reach.

For every $9 million dollar or greater home, there is a $3 million dollar home that offers some of the same amenities. The homes are also smaller, which makes them easier for individuals to manage. Considering that many of these new developments are at least $2 million over that price point, homes can be very affordable.

You can find Cayman luxury real estate for just $2-3 million more. Homes do top out at the $10 million range, but you can get a surprising amount of value for your dollar. The income is also free of taxes, so there is room to grow in the area as you grow your wealth.

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