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Why Private Money

When in the real estate business, using your private money has its advantages. Investor mortgages, the usual bank mortgage loans are hard to come by, and thus, you need other sources to go about your business. Here is why you should consider utilizing private money:

You can close the sale faster
You could buy property at a discount
There is no credit check during the sale and thus does not turn up in your credit report
You have access to unlimited funds
You have absolute control. This means you make all the rules.
When you buy a property, you also get part of your profits
Great cash flow
In terms of money, everything is more flexible
With your private money in hand, you can easily make offers with a whole lot of confidence
It is far more cheaper than having a partner
Creates a good foundation for a profitable real estate business

In the real estate business, deals can come and go. In order to cinch deals, it is imperative that you move fast. Many an investor has watched a deal slip by while waiting for approval on a bank loan. When you choose to use your private money, it is freely available to you and will never have to watch a good deal pass you by.

Here is how you can raise private money through persons through what is called private lending:

Private lending group presentations
One-on-one meetings
Out of town prospects
Existing private lenders