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Why the Cayman Islands Represent a Prime Investment Opportunity

The Cayman Islands offers several advantages to international and local investors.

The surge of International banking, and the tax-free income possibilities, are two major driving forces behind the growth of the Cayman Islands. What was once a humble fishing village has grown to a developed nation with one of the largest banking industries in the world.

Today, Grand Cayman offers residents and travelers all of the amenities they’ve come to expect back home. That’s got investors, especially those from overseas, considering the Cayman Islands as a major source of income. Deciding how to invest your money is something everyone goes through, but once you’ve assessed your needs there is really no reason not to move on a deal.

Rental Income

Grand Cayman, and the Cayman Islands, are hot tourist spots. They offer a lifestyle not unlike Miami’s thriving beaches, complete with every modern amenity tourists expect from a five-star experience. Many of these tourists seek out Grand Cayman Condo rentals. Homes are usually too expensive for a small group to rent, and condos offer the same beach-side real estate travelers want. Plus, it’s your personal vacation home when it’s not in use, and the income you make on that property is 100% tax free!

See For Yourself

Grand Cayman has some of the most beautiful homes in the world, occupying some of the finest land you can find. Cayman Islands residential leasing also offers a temporary stay for those who want to explore the island further, or those on the island for business. But don’t be surprised if your short stay in Grand Cayman becomes a permanent one.

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