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12 Serious Defects that every Potential Homeowner Should Look Out For

Experts say that almost 40 percent of previously owned homes in the United States have at least one serious defect.

Considering the high costs involved in buying a home, it is definitely a good idea for potential homeowners to stay abreast of the serious problems in the home that they’re interested in while also actively seeking solutions by which these serious defects can be remedied as well.

According to HouseMaster, a home inspection company with presence in about 390 cities in the United States, there are 12 serious major defects that must be looked out for, and here is that list:

  1. Chimney settling or separation
  2. Failing air-conditioning compressor
  3. Environmental hazards including radon, water contamination, asbestos, lead paint, and underground storage tanks
  4. Defective roofing and/or flashings
  5. Undersized electrical system
  6. Horizontal foundation cracks
  7. Mixed plumbing
  8. Insect infestation — termites or carpenter ants
  9. Moisture in the basement
  10. Aluminum wiring
  11. Major house settlement
  12. Cracked heater exchange


However, it must also be mentioned that most of these defects can be repaired yet the costs may vary depending on the type of problem that occurs with the home you are trying to purchase.

This is why it is recommended that you hire the services of a home inspector who can give you a clear understanding of whether there are repairs to be made, and also provide you with estimation as to the cost of these repairs.

Doing so will prevent people from making a purchase based on emotion and will ensure that the investment that you make will be indeed be sound.