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5 Things buyers should never overlook at an open house

southernrealtyincWhen spending time touring open houses, it can be difficult to remember the pros and cons of each of the houses you have visited. Although, a house will never match your criteria perfectly, it is important to note some renovations are harder on the budget than others. Here are 5 things buyers should never overlook at an open house.

How old is the roof? – The bones of a home is the roof. Normally a roof will last 20 years, replacing one on the other hand, will set you back at least $12,000. When making an offer pay close attention to the age and condition of the roof.

Are there issues with the home’s foundation? – Since your potential home is resting on its foundation, make note of any wide cracks, which can later be expensive to fix.

What is the state of the sewer system? – It is worth to spend a few hundred dollars on a sewer inspection.

4. Have insurance claims been made on the house? – Ask the buyer if any insurance claims have been filed on the house. This may give you an idea about any issues that are not obvious. If the house is close to a lake or a stream, it is best to ask the owner if flood insurance is required.

5. Is there noticeable water damage? – Water damage can be difficult to detect. However, look for popping or raised utility systems or basement storage. Another good indication is a musty smell wafting from the basement, this is a likely sign that the space is damp.