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Five sunroom decorating ideas

2Written by Wicker Paradise

Sunrooms are great spaces to spend reading, relaxing or to spend time with family. Most homes under utilize this space, because they are unsure of how sunroom should be laid out. Here are 5 clever ideas to transform your sunroom into the most used room in your home.

Create an entertainment zone – If your sunroom is fully enclosed, you can include lamps, a stereo and a TV.

Extend your living space – Some sunrooms are furnished with old or unused furniture. To use this space, sunroom furniture should be comfortable and made with easy clean fabrics. Invest in a comfy sofa, leather chairs and a low wooden coffee table.

Use your space – Sunrooms tend to have multiple points of entry. Make the most of the space you have by placing a small round dining table with four chairs. The table should be small and roughly sufficient for tea or coffee. Rattan furniture is also a great option, because it is light and easily movable in case an entryway needs to be opened. This way your space can be used even if there are many entry points.

Adapt windows as wall space – If you want to close off entry points that are rarely in use, buy a few large painting and place them strategically along the entry point.

Turn a corner into a daybed – Most furniture will not fit the corners of a sunroom exactly. To take advantage of every square inch, build a daybed with storage at the base.


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