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Four reasons to install multi-mount mailboxes

mailboxresidential1Multi-mount mailboxes are post-mount mailboxes you can get from California Mailboxes mounted together in a single place. The mailboxes are mounted on one or more posts, depending on how many mailboxes you combine. The primary driver for a cluster of residents to use a multi-mount box is the cost saving. However, there are several other advantages:

Delivery times

Residents enjoy faster mail delivery when using multi-mount mailboxes. In fact, even the postal service prefers multi-mount mailboxes over single mailboxes. The postman has fewer stops when delivering mail. Some multi-mount setups have additional holders for newspapers, improving newspaper delivery speeds.


Another benefit of a cluster of mailboxes is that it is typically in a central location. All residents need to come to the central location to collect mail. Residents who might normally never see each other will end up connecting at the mailbox.

Look and feel

There is a striking difference when a neighborhood has a single multi-mount mailbox set up. It is a good way to brand the neighborhood and increases its value for potential sales. You can use the look and style of the mailboxes to establish a brand for the community.


There is a significant cost saving when using multi-mount mailboxes. However, there is also a cost saving for installation. Installing a set of five mailboxes in a single post is far cheaper than mounting five individual mailboxes outside each home.

There are several popular multi-mount mailboxes. For example, Gaines Mailboxes has two types that are popular: Decorative and The Signature Series.