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Four qualities of good construction project managers

lylecharles 7Lyle Charles is always on the lookout for good quality construction managers. Therefore to hire the most skilled construction project managers that will lead their client’s construction projects, the company looks at the following qualities in their construction project managers.

Delegate tasks – Construction projects involve many people, and therefore a construction project manager needs to be able to delegate effectively and avoid micromanaging a project. It is also important that the consultant hired can select the right people to complete each specific task.

Assess the project’s status and prioritize activities – It is important that the consultant can look at the resources they possess and use them to their full capacity. Critical areas in a project should be prioritized and carefully monitored.

Problem-solving skills – All construction projects will face challenges, obstacles, and problems. Therefore, being able to face these challenges with an open mind is important to ensure that problems are handled correctly and promptly.

Teamwork – The cooperation of all employees is important to see a project through. Therefore, we look for construction project managers who have worked with medium to large teams to ensure that they are capable of handling and motivating a team to achieve a project goals.

Article by Lyle Charles, an expert in commercial and residential construction and construction claims management.