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Top lies told by real estate agents

southernrealtyincHonesty is something that clients will look for in a good real estate agent as this will mean that one of their most substantial financial transactions are in safe hands. However, as more and more people get into real estate, it can be difficult to find honest, trustworthy people that qualify for the job. Here are some tips to help clients to identify common lies that real estate agents use.

Real estate agents will misrepresent their experience and credentials on their websites and/or blogs. Most agents will spend a lot of time posting to maximize search engine exposure. Other agents will pay for commercial rights and purchase ads to rank higher in google searches. Here are some areas to look consider.

Real estate experience – Ask for the real estate agents license to sell real estate. Usually, the reference number will indicate how many years the agent has been working in the industry. Be wary of agents who put some years on the resume to make them seem like they are experts in a particular state or city.

Real estate listings – Listings are the backbone of experience for a real estate agent, and therefore a real estate agent’s website should list a link to listings.

Real estate specialty – It is best to clarify details from real estate agents that call themselves specialist in selling particular properties in specific areas.

Shameless PR – If an agent is only talking about themselves and putting their experience and credentials into a conversation, it is advisable to look for another agent.