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Although the real estate market has its ups and downs, there can be a way to get the most for the home you own. Here are six tips that will help you sell your home. Audit your agent’s online marketing – Most home buyers will start their home buying process…

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Written by Wicker Paradise Here are some tips on maximizing the lifetime of your wicker furniture sets: Clean – When cleaning wicker furniture always be as gentle as possible. Use soft cloths and soft brush attachments when using the vacuum. Dry – Whenever you wash rattan furniture, or it gets…

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Written by The Foam Factory Tastes differ when it comes to describing what makes a cushion comfortable. Some prefer a cushion filling that is soft and engulfing cushions, while others prefer something supportive and firm. Below is a list of what to expect from different types of fillings. Find what works…

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southernrealtyinc jan 2017

If you are thinking of investing in real estate, it is best to consider a few basic areas to ensure you make a sound investment. Here are 4 basic tips when investing in real estate. Location – Location is important when investing in real estate. Look at buying the worst…

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Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC All landlords want a responsible tenant who will pay the rent on time and take good care of their property. Therefore, many landlords have been checking the credit reports of potential tenants with at least one credit report agency. A background check online will…

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Written by Foam Factory, Inc. Open and close cell foam are the two most used types of foam in the world today. Due to their nature, they are used in very different ways. Closed cell foam is a strong, medium density foam that is buoyant enough to float. This is…

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Written by The Foam Factory At present, there are no US federal laws regulating the sale and quality of upholstered furnishings. However, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CSPC) has stated that they may introduce a federal safety standard for these products. The only state that has flammability requirements is California. The…

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Sam Marshall of Hudson & Marshall (not seen) prepares to drop his gavel signaling bidding is over and another house is sold at an auction of foreclosed homes in Denver April 19, 2008. Over 400 people attended the auction selling almost 100 lender-owned properties.  REUTERS/Rick Wilking (UNITED STATES) - RTR1ZOCL

Although you may want to sell your home, your car or any other item using an auction, you should note that auctions can be an emotional affair.  This is mainly because when you auction an item, it is usually something that you have fallen in love with and it may…

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Mattresses tend to last years if they are well-kept and maintained. When is it the right time to change your mattress foam? Many homeowners tend to put off this task for a variety of reasons. It’s time-consuming, tedious, and expensive. However, if you want a good night’s rest, and a…

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